Our Story


    Imagine it to be the late1960's. A young girl is at a kitchen table with paper in hand sketching a pattern she has designed. Fabric is being cut, then sewn near the warmth of a fire from the wood stove. It would be hours later her project is complete, as she had only a needle and thread because no sewing machine was available. But now she has some new clothes for her dolls. The same girl on another day is cutting fabric that she will sew into a new blouse for herself. Or one might find her knitting, crocheting, or thinking on what her next project might be.


The Old Homestead

      I was that girl who lived in North Kemptville in the last house at the end of my road. Designing new projects and being creative in ways such as this, was how I spent most of my days growing up. The village of Kemptville is one of the most inland communities of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. Often times I was teased that we lived so far back in the woods, that people had to come out to go hunting. Too far away for friends to come and visit much until I was older,  I learned to be creative to occupy my time.

   I carried this creative side into my adulthood and took advantage of those attributes in many ways. In the year 2000, I wrote and published a book which was a memoir of my grandmothers life. She was a mid wife and for many other reasons, an inspiration to all she knew. The book also included the story of the history of Kemptville.

   A few years later I learned to make teddy bears and made them for people in memory of their loved ones, and continued to create these memory bears for over 20 years. A rewarding aspect of the time spent making bears, were the relationships developed. Many times both tears and laughter were shared when the stories were told of the person with whom the bears were to be made in memory of. The look on the faces of people when seeing for the first time, a little bear made to represent their loved ones, were always emotional moments. The most rewarding of all was the gratefulness that people exuded for me having made something with such profound meaning for them. I on the other hand, was honored to be trusted with something so precious to them, which was often times all they had left from their loved ones. 

   I also at one point started making and decorating cakes for all occasions including weddings. Pinatas also tied into this party theme, which I made and shipped all across Canada and the U.S. Wood working also became a hobby I took up in the year of 2009 crafting wooden trays, center piece boxes, signs and more. 

   But the idea for designing a logo that would usher in the birth of Eastern Shores Nautical Designs, began after starting a vinyl design business. It was early in the year of 2019, I purchased a new cutting machine. The first one I invested in ten years prior, was not as user friendly. With this new model, I realized how much I could actually do with it. The possibilities were very riveting for someone with a creative nature. So I started to play. First I created designs for mugs, wine glasses, t-shirts and more. But just using files and designs available in the program was not inspiring for me. I wanted to create something to call my own. And this is how it began. 

   It was all within one day that the idea to create this logo was thought of, designed and completed. In the early hours of a Sunday morning, the time when some of my best thinking is done, while lying in bed the project came to mind. I got up, went to my computer and started to play around in the programs design space. Putting the project aside to attend church, I left and came back after church to complete my design. ( Don't tell the pastor, as on this day my mind was not on his message, but on how I was going to design my project instead.)

   My desire was to create something that was entirely Nova Scotia oriented. Knowing Nova Scotia is mostly surrounded by water and many villages around her coast are fishing communities, I felt an anchor should be part of the logo. Also, I wanted an image of Nova Scotia. Considering most people from our region are proud of their heritage, the main idea behind the logo was to be representative of peoples connection to their province. Therefore, I wanted the logo to tie those ideas together by using the phrase "Anchored In Nova Scotia". For those living in Nova Scotia or anywhere around the world, so they could proudly display that connection when wearing these products. I completed the design by late afternoon, printed it out and applied it to some t-shirts. To get a feel as to if it would appeal to others, I placed pictures of the t-shirts on an online yard sale site. Surprisingly, I didn't have to wait long to see. I had my first message within minutes, and in just one hour my messages exploded. The following week was spent making and filling orders. For a while they were printed and applied by myself at home until the demand was too great. They were then handed over to a nearby printing company to be screen printed. A company with whom I am happy to continue with and supporting a local business. 

  However, shortly after my product line was underway, it had to be put on hold for a while as I had family members battling illness, and also an elderly mom who had a fall. So I went to help during the time family needed me and then resumed building my business the following year. The products have now been sold across Canada, parts of the U.S. and some have been shipped all the way as far as Australia. People who live in other lands, but hold Nova Scotia in their hearts. 

   I have always remained in Nova Scotia. I love to travel but there is no place like home. After one trip in which I visited New York City, I was delighted to finally see time square. It was exciting to see the giant lit up billboards, hear the hustle and bustle of the people and the city traffic. But when I returned to my home in Middle East Pubnico where I now reside, this was my thoughts.

   As I was out on my front deck, setting in my rocking chair with a cup of tea in hand, I gazed out over the view I have of the Pubnico harbor. No bumper to bumper traffic and sounds from the city streets. No shoulder to shoulder army of people you had to encounter at every turn. Just blue skies and trees, the sounds of the birds chirping and sea gulls crying, and the peacefulness of the harbor, such a comforting view. And I was happy, very happy to know, I am a Nova Scotian girl.

   It was because of my love for this great province that I wanted it to be what my brand was to represent.  Some people confuse the name of my company to mean the region of Nova Scotia called the Eastern Shore, where the Atlantic coast runs northeast from Halifax Harbor. However, my company name was created to mean the Eastern "Shores" of Canada. The rocky shores that are wrapped all around this province of Nova Scotia, Canada. So to name my business "Eastern Shores Nautical Designs" made sense to me, and I hope it now makes sense to you. 

        I would love to have some of the projects from my childhood to look back on, laugh at or smile upon, but sadly our homestead was lost to a fire and now only the memory of those things remain. It has been however, through some of those experiences I have learned what really matters. An important objective to me in life is helping others. With the forum this business has allotted me, there are two organizations I would like to see benefit. One being Alzheimer's and the other mental health. We have family members battling dementia. So with each purchase made, you are helping us, to help those with this disease. Also, regarding mental health, for people who may need to reach out for help, we want to provide some contact info for them to do so. We will continue striving to make our platform with this business count, making our products and services the best they can be, and are so proud to know we are helping these causes along the way. Thank you for supporting us !

  For Canada Suicide Prevention Service